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53' Dropdeck Trailer v1.0.0.1

By: macktrucker921


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Size: 20.03 MB

Category: Trucks

License: All Rights Reserved


53' (16.15 meter) Dropdeck Trailer with Configurable Body Options

- Changelog
- Fixes:
- Fixed issue with fill volume showing through body.
- Fixed particle effects.
- Adjusted mass

- Custom made textures, dirt, and wear maps.
- Many tire configurations including the Lizard pre-fab flotation tires on MODHUB.
- Standard trailer cost is $55,500.
- Body configurations include:
- Tipper Body (cost $65,000) Capacity 106,625 Liters. (calculated by actual volume)
- Logging Forks (cost $3,500)
- Can carry 2 stacks of 8 meter logs easily.
- Dynamic Hoses on the tipper's hydraulics.
- Frame, tipper, logging forks, and rims are color selectable.
- Hydraulic Actuated Supports for those heavy loads.
- Tire configurations include:
- Lizard Standard Dual, Lizard Wide Flotation, Trelleborg T-404 Standard, Trelleborg T-404 Wide, Nokian Standard, Nokian Wide and Nokian Dual.
- Turn signals blink sequential for added effect.
- Rear work lights added for those late farming nights.
- Can carry 40 square bales (stacked 3 high), 74 round bales (stacked 3 high), 38 wool pallets (stacked 2 high), or 3 cotton bales with ease.

- Additions:
- Added optional rear hitch.

Trucks 53' Dropdeck Trailer v1.0.0.1 Trucks 53' Dropdeck Trailer v1.0.0.1