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Farm Buildings Pack v1.1.0.0

By: OmaTana


Downloads: 184

Size: 17.07 MB

Category: Objects

License: All Rights Reserved


This is a farm pack in three to four color variants.

- You can sleep in the farm houses.
- The barn doors don't open too wide now. They don't clip into the columns anymore.
- Seasons ready.

There is a walk-in farmhouse, a barn with hay storage, a multi-fruit silo, an animal feed buying station, three open sheds of different sizes and a workshop trigger.
There is a variant made of red wood and one made of white wood for each type of building.
The farmhouse is also available in a white plastered version with brown wooden elements.
The silo and buying station are also available in a variant with brown wood.
All other buildings are also available of both brown wood and white plaster.
Farm house: 50000 Euro
Barn: 30000 Euro
Silo: 30000 Euro
Buying station: 30000 Euro
Shed, large: 5000 Euro
Shed, narrow: 3000 Euro
Shed, small: 3000 Euro
Workshop trigger: 100 Euro

Slot Usage:
Farm house: 20-21
Barn: 9-10
Silo: 5
Buying station: 5
Sheds: 3
Workshop trigger: 1

Objects Farm Buildings Pack v1.1.0.0 Objects Farm Buildings Pack v1.1.0.0