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Midwest Cattle Company



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Global Company and MaizePlus are needed to play this map. My Sonne Tractor pack is part of the starting equipment as well.

This is the Sonne Farms Edition of my Midwest Cattle Company map, it's a standard size map with beef cattle. Since it was inspired by Sonne Farms, it ONLY has Black Angus and Black white face Angus cattle, calves, and bulls. Cows, calves, and bulls can all be in the same husbandry at the same time, there are pastures, feedlots, and a few indoor calving pens. The farm is in the middle of the map. There is plenty of grain storage and there is a large shed with auto bale storage(each space is for a specific baletype) and there is a place to make TMR in the shed as well. The farm is surrounded by several fields, hills, and a river. Water can be loaded from the river. Southeast of the feedlots there is a grainbin complex for selling grain, the setup to the northwest is the one for grain storage. This map has barley, maize, oats, soybeans, alfalfa, shortseason soybeans, rye, triticale, and silage corn, for crops. There is also mud, earcorn, dryearcorn, drymaize, dryalfalfa, groundfeed, and crackedcorn.


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16 Nov 2021 - 18:28

belle map surtout avec le fait qu'on puisse mettre les vaches taureaux et veaux ensemble mais manque de point de vente et de finissions sur les bordures de champ et j'espère la revoir sur le fs22

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1 Mar 2022 - 10:16

Ight listen Bronkema. I love the idea u give to fs19 with your livestock based maps but u do not take enough time making your maps. There is always a lot of errors. You have good potential with these maps just either don't have enough experience or there rushed...

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26 Dec 2021 - 09:30

utter trash. tons of errors. Load it into GE and its complete hot garbage. Don't waste your time on this one