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Nurse Trailer - Manure System Compatible v1.0.0.0

By: KarlFarms, NXTGEN Modding, Perma's Modding (Manure System)


Downloads: 73

Size: 24.75 MB

Category: Tools

License: All Rights Reserved


Release of NXTGEN Mapping’s Nurse Trailer with Manure System support
Just before his initial release of the Nurse Trailer, NXTGEN contacted me asking if I would add Manure System support into it. I of course was willing to do so. Both connectors are animated and I personally like the side connection most.
Due to its size, I went against adding in a tray for the hose, as the hose is long enough that it looks out of place when attached to the trailer.
Of course, I also included the store option to enable or disable Manure System for the trailer itself.
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Tools Nurse Trailer - Manure System Compatible v1.0.0.0