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Farm Shop v1.0.0.0

By: OmaTana


Downloads: 23

Size: 9.70 MB

Category: Objects

License: All Rights Reserved


Farm Shop as selling station in 3 different color versions and 3 price levels.
There is one farm shop made of red wood, another one of white wood and a third one with white plaster.
The price levels are the following:
80% of the normal prices, that you still have a motivation to sell at other selling stations. You can think, that you earn less, because you have to pay a vendor and the clients want cheap prices when buying directly at your farm.
100% price level, if you want the same price level for all selling stations.
150% of the normal prices, if you think you should earn more money, when placing a shop on your own ground.
Price for all versions of the farm shop: $30,000
Slots for every building: 11 slots

Objects Farm Shop v1.0.0.0 Objects Farm Shop v1.0.0.0