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Rába Steiger 320 v1.0.0.0

By: Balogh2003


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Rába Steiger 320 all-wheel drive tractor
(Hungarian People's Republic, RÁBA Hungarian Wagon and Machine Factory)
The Rába-Steiger 320 tractor is an improved version of the Rába-Steiger 245, a four-wheel drive, high-performance power unit.
Its engine is already air-cooled and has a lower rated speed, the type of turbocharger has also changed.
A more powerful starter motor and a new type of generator were installed. An air filter cartridge status indicator is also included.
New warning, control and fault lamps were placed on the instrument panel, and the old steering wheel was replaced with a Hungarian one.
Starting was solved with a new start button instead of the old rotary start switch.
With the new cold-start hand pump button, a special cold-start mixture can be added to make starting easier
it should be injected into the engine intake manifold and used below -5 oC ambient temperature.
The cab was fitted with a slip indicator on the top right. The cab has been given a new AGIS-PTUJ driver's seat,
which can already be adjusted to the driver's weight.

Tractors Rába Steiger 320 v1.0.0.0