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Autumn Oaks: DFMEP Version

CWJ108, MBFarms, Diniz Farms


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Hey guys the V1.0.2.0 update for Autumn Oaks is done. I fixed the lag when you load in, and took suggestions from people about labelling the barns. One major thing I fixed is the manure in the two heifer sheds at the main farm. If you are using an existing savegame, there is a heightmap in the optional folder, by placing this into your existing savegame, you'll fix the issue, preventing you from creating a new savegame.
I will continue to keep adding savegame update compatibility files to my releases, you guys are putting tons of hours into your savegames, and you shouldn't have to start over, provided you can follow some simple instructions.

Changelog V1.0.2.0

Completely rebuilt from files, some previously fixed issues may be broken again, please report these, so I can fix them.
Changed terrain under heifer barns so manure won't spawn under them.
Changed labels on cow pens/barns, they are now a lot more descriptive with stuff like "150 Head Freestall Barn".
Changed labels on beef cattle so there are no l10n errors.
Fixed Wilson Ranch Hand
Fixed extreme FPS drop on load

Extra tutorials from V1.0.1.5
Beef: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH_DUpVC7NY
Dairy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyY4n9UXf4s

Savegame update tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uEV3yqkNY4

********************************************* Changelog:
You view this changelog as a video here as well: https://youtu.be/nkf7EiLGlxo
Additional Changes for Version
Fixed herbicide trigger
Fixed 4 errors missed during testing
Added Steers to beef farm
Added edited Wilson Ranch Hand to hold beef cattle
Added sleep triggers to every farm(requires new savegame, this is the only thing that will change if you make a new savegame, so it's not really required)
Added trigger to disable bale shredder in bank barn lofts, walk up to the chain saw and click to disable it, go back and click it again to enable it.
Fixed edited John Deere gator to hold beef cattle
Fixed alignment on various doors
Fixed freestall slurry production
Fixed fill trigger on placeable milk replacer barrel
Fixed no till isues on fields 16 and 28(changed these fields out with "dummy fields" in the woods, as nobody else could figure out what was going on, only that the 16th, and 28th field dimension were broken)
Fixed localization issues on grain bins
Fixed fill node on feed bulk bins
Changed grass yield to be slightly higher
Changed bale shredder capacity to be lower
Changed incandescent lights to be more orange
Changed collisions on NH 353 grinder mixer

**********Original release notes follow below**********

Autumn Oaks: DFMEP
It's finally here, after numerous weeks of staying up all night pushing myself and the game to the limit to produce the most realistic dairy farming map ever produced for Farming Simulator.
I highly recommend watching the tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC-MpzyAf24
Autumn Oaks was originally created by Cwj108, converted to FS19 by MB Farms FS, Brian Greenawalt remodelled the barns, and the project was passed to me by JMF Modding to make a working map out of Brian's new barns. I went above and beyond and turn the map into the closest thing to a day-to-day simulation of a small-medium scale dairy farm
possible in Farming Simulator 19, with the skills that I have.
The map features a realistic feed ration and feeding system via Maize Plus, multiple animal pens on three farms, allowing you to separate heifers from calves, and dry cows from milking cows to maintain maximum milk production year round. The beef farm has been transformed into a cow-calf operation where you raise female beef cattle for the purpose of producing calves to either expand your herd, or to raise to a good weight to fetch a good price at the stockyard. Two feed carts are included for the purpose of feeding in the tie stall barns. Bedding your cattle can be done with straw, corn stalk bales, OR soybean straw bales(do not use more than one straw type at once, wait for the straw to run out before switching straw types).
The map also features grain drying, and the ability to ferment earlage, haylage, and corn silage and high moisture corn in vertical silos, thanks to GlobalCompany. The feed rooms feature conveyor belts to allow you to unload multiple silos in one spot, and on the main farm, you can install a stationary TMR mixer.
Seasons brings snow covered roof tops and frozen streams and ponds. The included Seasons GEO is based on real weather of the area, and leaves you with narrow planting and harvesting windows, but if you use Green Mowing, you can take advantage of the ability to turn winter grains into haylage, and plant silage corn or soybeans into the same field to get two crops from that field in one year. The ability to do cereal forage is important as well due to the fact that the animal feed consumption has been turned up to realistic levels. The yields are decent, especially with abundance of good soil on the map when you use Precision Farming(an edited one by JS Mapping, that I edited to adjust manure values and yield bonuses to be a little more realistic is included in the optional folder in the ZIP archive), but the prices are low, they are the same prices as Medicine Creek, which i believe are based on average prices from 2018-2019.
All of the farms feature autoload hay lofts which will take small square bales and store them away for you to retrieve inside of the barn, saving you time when feeding or bedding. The tie stall dairy and the beef barn have a spot inside that will allow you to shred a round bale and dispense it below, as well. The autoload loft can be disabled at the tie stall dairy and the beef farm by walking up to the pitch fork, and clicking, this will allow you to manually stack large square bales.
Some other features I haven't mentioned:
Additional crops: alfalfa, triticale, rye, silage corn, and narrow soybeans
Earlage: Using the modified headers I released when I released Mercer, you can make earlage.
Ear corn: This map is completely compatible with the ear corn pack I released with Mercer
Buckets: If you only have a few calves, and don't want to invest in a tanker for milk replacer, or want an easy way to take them cracked corn or beanmeal, you can use the GC panel to spawn some buckets of milk replacer, cracked corn, or beanmeal.
Realistic hay yield: Making more than one cutting of hay per year is now important.
And many more features I haven't mentioned here.
Original map: CWJ 108
FS19 Conversion: MB Farms FS
New barn interiors: Brian Greenawalt
Edits: Diniz Farms
21' and 30' grain bins: Western Iowa Modding and Edits
Various decorative objects: AWModding
New roads: Tired Iron Modding
Narrow Soybeans: MRM Farms
Thanks to JS Mapping and OS Farms for their help and advice with mapping.
Huge thank you to WadeMitch, and KederkFarms for their amazing YouTube videos of the map.
I'd also like to thank Pleasant View Farms, and JMF Modding for their dairy farming advice.
And finally Anhak for the really in depth testing of yields, and map object misplacement.
If you enjoy the map, and you like to donate to me, you can do so here: https://www.paypal.me/tysondiniz
If you need any help with the map, join my Discord and navigate to the Autumn Oaks help and support channel: https://discord.gg/uvG92YJ
If you'd like to watch livestreams of me playing on the map check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TysonDiniz?sub_confirmation=1
If you are a looking for some of the additional mods that work with the map check here(note the grain bins and grinder mixer only work with Mercer): https://mod-network.com/p/T.%20Diniz
Seasons, Global Company, and Maize Plus(with Forage and CCM extensions) are required to play this map.
I recommend Green Mowing, Precision Farming, and the animal pen extension mods.
The zip you download needs to be extracted, within it are:
The map
The bale barns
A forage blower
The stationary mixer
The milk replacer pack
A New Holland grinder mixer specifically for this map
Two feed carts for the tiestall barns
A John Deere gator from Blacksheep Modding, modified to carry cows and calves on the "skip" implement
A pack of sleep triggers
And an optional folder with an edited Precision Farming Addon
Feeding Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lptLHHtezQTuSwY8dD3e_Tic4J3dzoAXL9iA3RFaevg/edit?fbclid=IwAR28OScx0glSJ7uKC8IYqOn9BHmaPGu1po5aDeZt4z-HMKR-lWoTSZ1r0rA#gid=0

Maps Autumn Oaks: DFMEP Version Maps Autumn Oaks: DFMEP Version Maps Autumn Oaks: DFMEP Version Maps Autumn Oaks: DFMEP Version Maps Autumn Oaks: DFMEP Version Maps Autumn Oaks: DFMEP Version Maps Autumn Oaks: DFMEP Version Maps Autumn Oaks: DFMEP Version


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