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Half Timbered Barn v1.0.0.0

By: Grundmodell: Combauer Tore und Türen : Black Wolf ( Freigabe liegt vor )


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Size: 8.30 MB

Category: Objects

License: All Rights Reserved


A half-timbered barn in which you can store your machinery and store bales in the attic. The barn is designed for small to medium-sized machines.

Hello everybody,
now I present you my little half-timbered barn for download!
The barn is not really based on a real model and was just built just for fun:)
You can store small to medium-sized machines in it (yes, a John Deere 6R really fits in there) and store your bales on the hayloft.
- Price: € 19,500
- Maintenance costs: € 10 per day

I hope you like it!
If you notice any errors or if you have suggestions for improvement, please let me know!
Thanks again to Black Wolf for providing the goals!
Otherwise, I wish you a lot of fun with the barn!

Objects Half Timbered Barn v1.0.0.0 Objects Half Timbered Barn v1.0.0.0