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John Deere 7020 Series Small Frame

Diniz Farms


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John Deere 7020 Series Small Frame

Well, this has been one of those projects that I have told myself "I'll finish it someday", and it's kept a lot of you in suspense, with 4 other versions of the same tractor being released since the game came out, I'm proud to present you the most complete John Deere 7020 Series small frame, with both MFWD and 2WD options.

I've made a video showing all of the features and options here:


From XML:
MB3D Modelling and Udruzenje Nezavisnih Modera
FS19 Conversion, addConfig options, IC, and various other work:
Dino Šep Ar?abi?
US Spec edits:
Diniz Farms
Appalaches Modding
Wheels, Tires, weights, various other components:
Custom Modding

Loader pack: https://mod-network.com/detail/25243

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Tractors John Deere 7020 Series Small Frame Tractors John Deere 7020 Series Small Frame Tractors John Deere 7020 Series Small Frame


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Graincart operator

14 Jul 2021 - 17:41

where can i get that baler?