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SIMULATOR 19 Monster Truck v1.0.0.0

By: ViperGTS96


Downloads: 78

Size: 17.39 MB

Category: Cars

License: All Rights Reserved


SIMULATOR 19 Monster Truck

Accurately scaled truck and tires. Full dynamic suspension, including body roll.
Old style monster truck which is still capable of doing work like farming.

Crab Steering, 4x4 High Gear (for Racing) or 4x4 Low Gear (for Work) Engine/Transmission Configurations.
*To pull equipment; buy the Liquid Filled Tires and a 4x4 Low Gear Engine Configuration.

Time for creation : 1.75 years

Price: $125000
Horsepower: 950/1100

Cars SIMULATOR 19 Monster Truck v1.0.0.0 Cars SIMULATOR 19 Monster Truck v1.0.0.0


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2 Jul 2021 - 22:22

don't you know you can just get it in regular farming sim mods

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14 Apr 2022 - 00:28

This is one of my fav mods