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Volvo A40G FS

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Volvo A40G FS


-Updated ModDesc Credits

-Added New 3D Model Elements to Interior And Exterior

-Adjusted "hit box" Around Vehicle For More Accuracy

-Adjusted VIN Plate Location

-Added Tension Belts Compatibility

-Added Several More Decals

-Added Brand New Suspension System

-Added Reverse Camera View To modDesc

-Added New Vehicle And Simple IC Sounds

-Added Engine Shaking Animation

-Added Exhaust Pipe Color Options

-Added New Pneumatic Hoses And Radio Antenna

-Added Rear Window Protection Grid

-Added New Rear Reflectors and Speed Sign Options in Store

-Added New Dedicated Mining Signaling Safety System For Multiple Vehicles in Mining Areas (via Simple IC)

-Added Emergency Engine Stop Button to Exterior (via Simple IC)

-Added New 3D Model Elements For Suspension System incl. Hydraulic Hoses

-Added Toolbox to Cab

-Base Price: 350,000

-Diesel Capacity: 480 Litres, DEF Capacity: 39 Litres

-Speed: 57KM/H, Reverse Speed: 18KM/H

-Engine Options: 476HP - 700HP

-Tire Options: Choice of Three Types

-Wheel Hub Options: Choice of two rim types

-Mud Flap Options: Fixed or Dynamic

-Tailgate Options: Tailgate or No Tailgate

-Beacon Light Options: Choice of Three Beacon Light Designs

-Dumper Capacity Options: 50,000 / 100,000 / 250,000 / 500,000 / 2,0000,000 Litres

-Light Configurations Options: Choice of Three Different Configurations to Illuminate Your Vehicle When Driving at Night Time

-2 Working Indoor Screen: Infotainment / Bed Capacity (use "l-ctrl + a" ; "l-ctrl + q" to Switch Between the 2 Screens)("r-ctrl + r-shift" to Zoom Camera View)

-Full Animated Engine incl. Shaking Feature

-Full Animated Interior

-Dynamic Suspension

-3rd Camera View Added For Unloading

Simple IC Includes:

-Door (IC Sounds)

-Dumper Bed

-Armrest (IC Sounds)


-Side Windows (IC Sounds)

-Turn On Vehicle

-Side Mirrors

-Interior Lights

-Emergency Engine Shutoff

-Mining Signaling Safety System

Credits To: Polygonish, Nonnus, FS Miner, Genaro Garcia, Titi, Tony35, Edwin, Lantmenen 35, SPECTRUM_69.

Vinicius Hrala, GR40, Fredzaza, Rambow145, TFSGROUP, Sperrgebiet, Modelleicher (LS-Modcompany), Dajnet (PV Team).

If Anyone Else is Missing From The Credits Then Please Comment Below And we Will Update The modDesc.

A Big Thank You in General to The Community And Apologies to Anyone Who May Have Worked on The Volvo A40G FS Over The Years That Feels They Were Not Given Adequate Credit.

It is Not Our Intention to Deliberately Leave Anyone Out of The Credits.

This Mod is Free to be Modified Further, in Fact...we Encourage it!, While we Have Done Our Upmost to Make The Model as Accurate as Possible we Still Believe it Could be Improved Further.

Special Thanks to TSR!

Simple IC Version Suggestion (Version https://mods.mygamesteam.com/download/simple-ic/

Support Us On: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/mygamesteam

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13 Jun 2021 - 17:50

Instead of using the broken version get this one its older but its the same truck https://mod-network.com/detail/8999/FS19+Volvo+A40G+v2.1.1.0

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9 Jul 2021 - 18:21

where's the emergency shut off button

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11 Jun 2021 - 09:39

Doesn't spawn for me. Not even in the shop to customize it.

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10 Jun 2021 - 02:49

Big weiners feel good in my butthole!!