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Agricultural Rollers v3.0.0.0

By: Puszkap, KoPi


Downloads: 8

Size: 4.50 MB

Category: Tools

License: All Rights Reserved


Price: 1600 €
Max. working speed: 16 kph
Required power: 30 hp

With the rollers you can fertilize your field without buying any fertilizer.

- new configurations have been added
- textures have been improved
- the price in the store has been changed
- new icon and store
- the model has been corrected

- model improved
- some textures have been fixed
- minor bugs fixed
- new color palette has been added

- new configuration has been added (now you can combine several shafts into one)
- new cylinder color configuration has been added

Tools Agricultural Rollers v3.0.0.0 Tools Agricultural Rollers v3.0.0.0