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Category: Tractors

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Update 1:
Adjusted 36" row spacing to be more realistic
Centre of mass adjusted.

John Deere 8030 Series US Spec:

Attachers for Big John tanks(on my profile), Pitbull D2X silage blade, Demco Sidequest, Helicopter midmount tanks, H480 loader, and Lankota Stalk Stomper rollers.

30", 36", inverted/wide rear, inverted/narrow rear, and wide tire/wheel options. Firestone and Michelin tires.

Grain cart scale.

Base and premium headlight options.

Cab light options.


Original EU mod: Rysiu_77_

US Spec Edits: Diniz Farms

US drawbar and stairs remodeled: Western Iowa

Advice, and cab turn signals: Appalaches Modding

Tires, wheels, weights, extremity lights: Custom Modding

New decals: 7L Farms

Premium Headlight option: JHHG Modding

Tractors John Deere 8030 Series US Update 1