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VAZ 2106 / LADA 1600 v2.0

By: Radichkov


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Category: Cars

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Version 2.0
- Changed engine sound
- Tank lid can be open now
- Many small visual improvements, including improved front seats and dashboard gauges
- Improved lights
- Wheels are separeted from the model and tire deformation variation of the vehicle shadder is used.
- Choice between standard and white side board tires
- Added selection of the rim color. The color choice is the same as the body color.
- Working wipers (they were animated in the version 1.0 as well)

Version 1.0
This is a version of the first VAZ 2106 / LADA 1600 generation produced in the late 70's, that was manufactured with more chrome elements and more luxurious elements in the interior, rather than the next model generations. To make this mode I have used my own LADA (you can see it on the pictures) as a reference. For the model I have used 3D model downloaded from free websites. Since the 3D model was representing latest generation i had to rebuild it and make more details with Blender.
Description of the model:
- Fully UDIM, dirt and wear textures
- Animated front and rear suspension. Although it is not quite visible in the game, because it is beneath the car, this helped me to achieve more realistic driving experience
- Realistic lights - using diffuse textures and latest lights technologies from GIANTS I have managed to get realistic car look combined with working lights
- Choice of body color and headlights mask color - these are custom colors that represent more or less the colors offered to the customers by LADA
- Simple IC support for the doors, hood and trunk with additional enter animation for the driver's door
- Selectable design with choice of standard, trailer hitch and trailer hitch + roof luggage carrier

Cars VAZ 2106 / LADA 1600 v2.0 Cars VAZ 2106 / LADA 1600 v2.0