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AWM Beetle v1.0.0.1

By: Adams Kong


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Size: 15.20 MB

Category: Cars

License: All Rights Reserved


The beetle is widely used in Brazilian farms and others around the world, mainly because of its rear braid and its low maintenance cost.

- Fixed the problem of the brand not appearing in the store.
- Fixed problems with translation.
- Fixed the problem with the wheel on the right side.
- Fixed the problem of the hood entering the vehicle.

This pack has 4 types of beetle, based on the 60.70.80 years and an off-road version.

Each version has its features and options such as wheel type, couplings, roof rack and others.

Engines: 46hp, 52hp, 58hp, 70hp, 150hp
Options: Color, Wheels, Interior, Couplings, Roof rack, Engine and License Plate
Price: Starting at $ 14,000

Cars AWM Beetle v1.0.0.1 Cars AWM Beetle v1.0.0.1