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AT-602 Cropduster

Perma’s Modding


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Spray your fields in style with the AT-602 cropduster.

Using the levitator script, the AT-602 actually flies and doesn’t use fake wheels to do so, meaning you can fly over buildings and trees without hitting them.

Customizable colors; including the body, the stripes and the identification code.
Fully customizable identification code so you can make your plane your own.
Animated rudder to simulate turning the plane in relation to how the current version of the levitator script functions.
19.5 meter working width (slightly larger than the wingspan to simulate dispersion).

Tractors AT-602 Cropduster Tractors AT-602 Cropduster


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Perma’s Modding

7 Apr 2021 - 01:47

For those who see this by browsing, please note that this version does not work in multiplayer. Other than that though, enjoy.

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8 Apr 2021 - 17:47

love the plane flys great is there anyone working on the old double winger would love to see that

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Jack Horrell

9 Apr 2021 - 03:20

Thanks. The other one that I downloaded that is not like this one is not like this it is a weird mod