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1957 Ford Ranchero - By OKUSED MODS



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All new to FS19 this 1957 Ford Ranchero. It's said that Ford designed after they received a letter from a lady who said she needed "a car you could drive to church on Sunday and take animals to market on Monday." I personally think Ford nailed it. The Ranchero came in 3 different trim levels and had engines ranging from 144hp to a special Supercharged 285Hp engine. This mod features two-tone color options, 3 wheel choice, and three different tire options. My grandfather had a 1957 Ranchero for years and that's why I wanted to put this in game. My grandfather was a mechanic and had 12 motors in his. Every time he would build a motor for it a customer would come to his Shell as station he owned and need one. He would sell them his motor and then rebuild theirs and the cycle would repeat. The 3D model was commissioned from a 3D modeler, brunomcardoso, who did an amazing job. A special thanks to Anthony U. for support on this one!

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Cars 1957 Ford Ranchero - By OKUSED MODS Cars 1957 Ford Ranchero - By OKUSED MODS


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Love it

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