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M.A.N 4p1 v1.2.1.0

By: Modder: Sammy und Oldenfarm Sound: PeterAH Light & Parts: WolfIQ Frontlader Anschluss: Polofreak211 Uhr Modder: TMP edit; Puma[FBM] Wheels: Kasztan18 Oberlenker: Zinoz LP & PrivatPrivat


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Size: 22.65 MB

Category: Tractors

License: All Rights Reserved


The MAN 4p1 comes towards you with lots of chutes.

fixed small bugs:
- The rear hydraulics now raise and lower correctly

The MAN comes to you with two engines, one with 35hp and one with 45hp in the selection.
He has the front loader console from the Baas 72n33 jack and the Baas 72n33 hydraulic Baas jack and equipment.
It is available with a different tire selection.
The Simple IC from modelleicher is required GitHub - modelleicher / FS19_simpleIC: New Interactive Control Script for FS19.
Various roof structures can be configured to protect the driver from bad weather and injuries in the event of an accident.
The tractor also offers numerous animations.
To guarantee full game fun, the Man is equipped with standard Giants attachments.
So now we wish you a lot of fun with the robust little three-cylinder.
Many thanks to everyone involved and thank you again for the approvals.

Tractors M.A.N 4p1 v1.2.1.0 Tractors M.A.N 4p1 v1.2.1.0