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Zetor Crystal 12011 4x4 v1.0.0.0

By: Puszkap, Kasztan18


Downloads: 9

Size: 38.15 MB

Category: Tractors

License: All Rights Reserved


Zetor Crystal 12011 4x4 v1.0.0.0 - configuration prices have been changed
- new wheel designs have been added
- new colors have been added
- more than 20 new light patterns have been added
- moving mud flaps have been added
- engine configuration added
- front sticker configuration added
- new weights have been added
- minor bugs fixed
- some textures have been fixed
- the indicator lights in the cabin have been added
- a movable axle has been added
- added front weights configuration
- new colors have been added
- new wheel configurations have been added
- loader console has been added
- added more visual configurations
- bugs fixed