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2015 Chevy Duramax 3500HD



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this is not my mod but it is a 2015 Chevy 3500HD Duramax

Cars 2015 Chevy Duramax 3500HD


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2 Mar 2021 - 02:15

@Logan Mace looks almost identical to my grandpa's 2015

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Logan Mace

9 Feb 2021 - 00:11

those pictures are from a 2017 truck

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21 Mar 2021 - 21:28

@KaseyKahne59 Thats funny

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21 Mar 2021 - 21:31

But a couple things about mods, Can you make a Ford F350 which has a gooseneck hitch, its all-wheel drive, it has a bed, you can choose from a truck bed to a rollback or a flatbed, and it has a trailer hitch, and can you put a label option and make one say "Dawsdawg Towing"? (Its for my YouTube sorry) I know that's a lot but I've been looking for one. (When I said a couple I first said "one thing" lol)


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21 Mar 2021 - 21:36

I'll be looking at you're mods if you can and can you comment on one of my videos if you did and can and if its finished? The YouTube is "Dawsdawg And Friends". please do it but if you can't comment on my latest video please. Dawsdawg And Friends - YouTube


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11 Mar 2021 - 17:45

95% sure 2015 and 2017 they didnt change