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Chevrolet COE 1941

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Downloads: 339

Size: 8.00 MB

Category: Trucks

License: All Rights Reserved


Why Always Make Expensive Truck Mods? We Thought Of Making The Chevrolet COE 1941 Mod
It Is A Rusty Powerful Log Truck Specially Made For Starting Farmers
Price: 500$
MaxSpeed: 83 KM/H

Trucks Chevrolet COE 1941


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5 May 2021 - 04:35

Yes it did

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7 May 2021 - 00:41

Thankfully this mod was removed of the thief account

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17 Jan 2021 - 21:48

This came from lambo's patreon

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9 May 2021 - 20:47

@null I noticed on the day it was uploaded that it was from your patreon lambo and nothing happened until you started uploading mods on here.

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9 May 2021 - 19:09

wasn't this a 3d model though? I think they used the same 3d model and didn't know yours already existed. correct me if I'm wrong