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FS19 Condor RV v1.0

By: Lambo & Winston


Downloads: 413

Size: 49.11 MB

Category: Cars

License: All Rights Reserved


FS19 Condor RV v1.0 Features:
Dash animations
You can enter it, The side door way is missing a collision so you can jump inside thru there. The model is VERY large and runs a shapes file error. Nothing to worry about, I am lowing the poly count as much as I can for the next update
Nothing special yet due to the size, so as I lower the poly count, Ill add beds, tv, etc.

Cars FS19 Condor RV v1.0 Cars FS19 Condor RV v1.0


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7 Jan 2021 - 23:16

does anyone know of a placeable AT&T building mod?

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8 Jan 2021 - 08:12

@Aintcenathing depends how bad your pc is

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8 Jan 2021 - 00:15

if i run this with a bunch of other mods will my computer take a very large poop or just a medium poop

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8 Jan 2021 - 00:07

Yes I would like a AT&T mod please