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Royalton, MN



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Today I am deciding to release my unfinished Royalton map for you all to have. It was made by me a little while back for me and my friends to enjoy so if you want to get it from me and not some puke who decides to leak it here ya go. Wanna give credit where its due so here is some people who I have used scripting from and/or map objects:
PMC snake map for DEM and satellite imagery
DR Modding
No creek farms
CBJ midwest modding
LBJ modding
4MR modding
My buddy Kyle
Tired iron modding
Ryan Kusumo Dhewanto for GSI grain bins and Dryers
GIANTS software
Txzar mapping
Scripts: LS-Modcompany/kevink98, LKX/Stegei, Evgeny.
You need to have global company 1.0.0 or greater for the grain bins to work and you need to have the global company fermenting silo for it to work
Even though its unfinished I still want people to enjoy my work. If you dont like how the map is dont play on it, Thanks and Merry christmas.

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25 Dec 2020 - 16:29

does season's support this

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25 Dec 2020 - 16:58

Awesome map!! But I am using GC and the bins still don't have an unload trigger. Any suggestions?

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2 Jan 2021 - 07:25

I do like the concept of the map but I go to school at the Royalton mn high school and I can easily say that this is a ways off of Royalton hopefully your going to put the work in to make it more so like Royalton because it is a decent looking map so far. The only out of place things I have noticed is there is not a gas station after the bridge going down centre st and there is a school where the succor is on north hawthorn and centre street. Last thing is you nailed the corner from centre st to high way 10 thats perfect

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john deere fan7130

11 Mar 2021 - 08:55

does this map have Anhydrous built in
plz reply