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Map Objects Hider v1.0.0.0

By: Duke of Modding


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Category: Other

License: All Rights Reserved


Map Objects Hider v1.0.0.0 Have you ever felt like you can't join two fields because of a rock that's right in the middle of them, or you can't build a shed because of some objects that take up space?

These will no longer be problems thanks to "Map Objects Hider", this mod will let you permanently remove decorative objects and placeable items on your maps.

Be careful:
- Not all object types can be removed.
- If you change the hierarchy of objects on the map (for example by making changes from GIANTS Editor) some objects may reappear and have to be removed again.
- If a mod map is not built correctly, removing some trees may cause the above problem.

Other Map Objects Hider v1.0.0.0 Other Map Objects Hider v1.0.0.0