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W130 Series Grain Augers
Westfield's largest capacity conventional auger designed for maximum durability, performance and value.

When you make only one product, you get to be very good at it. For over 60 years, Westfield has developed and refined the best grain augers available.
We’ve learned that farmers want affordable, simple and straightforward designs for labor saving performance and dependability. Westfield’s grain augers
are built with the best materials, components and features to provide value and performance you can count on. This is our promise and the reason why
we are the industry leader.

Price: $2,000
Power: 10hp

Changelog: V
- fixed all textures
- fixed pto attachment joint so the tractor doesn't tilt
- made all animations work
- made hopper hide when not attached to a tractor
- added auger camera to see bin alignment
- changed side(pto) attacher indicator from white to orange

special thanks to TrailerParkFarms for the model and in-gaming to FS19.
If I missed you in the credits, my apologies. I only have what I have available.
please contact me if you are due credits.

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