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Tree Pack Granny Tana v1.0.0.0

By: omatanaspielt


Downloads: 151

Size: 30.40 MB

Category: Objects

License: All Rights Reserved


Tree Pack Granny Tana v1.0.0.0 In this mod you will find numerous trees in different sizes.
The trees come from the maps Felsbrunn, Ravenport and Estancia Lapacho. So they were made by Giants. I have prepared the trees so that you can buy them as placeable objects in the shop.
If you want to get rid of the trees, you have to cut them down and sell them, like the trees on the menu. A stump grinder is required to level the stump.
The mods have done their job successfully in my Build and Let's Play videos. I've also tried hard to make everything work, but I can't guarantee it. Use at your own risk :-)
Note: The building does not level automatically. So you have to level the terrain beforehand.

Birch in 4 sizes
Lapacho tree in 2 sizes
Mango tree in 1 size
Maple tree in 3 sizes
Pine in 6 sizes
Spruce in 5 sizes
Volume tree in 1 size

Objects Tree Pack Granny Tana v1.0.0.0 Objects Tree Pack Granny Tana v1.0.0.0