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FS19 Hazzard Pack



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This pack contains the vehicles from the tv show The Dukes of Hazzard. General Lee- this is a reedit of my 69 charger/general lee mod i have taken off the configs and its only the General Lee now-SimpleIC needed to animate light covers. Uncle Jesse's truck-this is a 1973 F150 with uncle jesse config and color config with paint colors available for this year including two tone option. Daisy's Jeep CJ5-this has the decal for her jeep as well as jeep renegade decal,this also has mickey thompson custom rims. Cooter's Ford Tow Truck-this is f350 tow truck with beacon NON FUNCTIONAL towing just a show piece. Sheriff Cars-this includes the sheriff and deputy car from dukes as well as config for sheriff car from Chickasaw County working beacon lights-home key and siren-horn button. Last is Boss Hogg's cadillac not the exact year of his car but close enough,the cadillac has simpleIC controls for opening doors and windows so simpleIC mod is needed to use those functions. DONT FORGET SIMPLEIC mod is needed for functions with some of these mods ENJOY!! i ask that nobody upload this mod pack to any other mod website. edits are welcome go to it


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1 Feb 2021 - 22:58

dosent evan work

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21 Apr 2022 - 01:26

@deerslayer121108 Yes, Evan does work.