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Ideal Extension v1.5.0.7

By: Script: Ifko[nator], da-hoffi, GTX, Blacky_BPGIdee / Konzept: Marcus


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Ideal Extension v1.5.0.7 Since I like to use the ideal as a thresher, but he is not suitable for small maps with his 12 meter cutting unit, I have created this extension.

- Licht am Entladerohr gefixt
- Draper Schneidwerk beim Dreschen etwas höher gemacht
- Warntafeln erweitert
- Tablet ist nun Kaufbar

- Fixed light on the discharge tube
- Draper cutting unit made a little higher
- Extended warning signs
- Tablet can now be bought

Included in the pack is:
The ideal 7t, 8t, 9t and 10t
The ideal 7PL, 8PL, 9PL and 10PL
7.7 meter cutting unit of dynaFlex and powerFlow
9 meter cutting unit of dynaFlex and PowerFlow
10.7 meter cutting unit of dynaFlex and powerFlow
12 meter cutting unit of dynaFlex and powerFlow
Helianthus 5700 and 12000 cutting
Quasar F4 and HS16 cutting
Diamant HS8 and HS12 cutting
Draper 3162 cutting ( User request )

Grain tank with 12500 or 17100 liters selectable
rim color "black" and "chrome" added (in the shop they look funny due to the black background)
Choice of color seat cushions (gray, green and red)
upholstery selection (fabric or leather)
Tablet animated (see picture)
Warning lights for front / rear work light, diesel fuel, def and beacon inserted
Tire manufacturers Trelleborg and Michelin
tire variants standard and wide tires (according to manufacturer's catalog)
Halm divider on all cutting units ( configurable in the shop )
Rapeseed knife on all cutting units ( configurable in the shop )
more animations
Hectares display
Thresher status Symbol
own shop Category by Ifko[nator]
own mod title by Ifko[nator]
threshing Flow Indicator by da-hoffi
Interior equipment selectable ( fabric or leather )
Autocontur by Zetor6245 ( Slope compensation at the cutting units )
own Add Config by Ifko[nator]
own fruitTypeParts by da-hoffi
own light Extension by GTX
Drive Distance Display built into the tablet ( Blacky´s drive Distance Mod is required )
Color selection added to the thresher and all cutting units
Start screen with brand logo ( Fendt or MF depending on configuration )
Indoor camera feels light
Animated performance display
Display hectares away ( do not run sychronously )
Wopster tire pressure script ( tire air pressure system )

Recommended mods:
Drive Distance from Blacky_BPG:
Ad Blue package from speergebiet:
!!! The mod can of course also be used without the above-mentioned mods, but then the mileage display and the ADBlue do not consume!

Packs Ideal Extension v1.5.0.7 Packs Ideal Extension v1.5.0.7