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Cotton Sell Point Revamped v2

By: Kevin Enfinger


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Size: 17.74 MB

Category: Objects

License: All Rights Reserved


Cotton Sell Point Revamped v2 Ok guys. Here it is the final final version of the placeable cotton gin sell point. I had to keep the poly low to keep from lag so tehre may be some details not there. Theres cotton storage in the huts to the left of the sell point. If you have the previous version of this sell point in your game, sell it, save the game, then install this one as to keep from creating an error or issues in your save game. Alot of time and effort went into making this mod and I hope the community enjoys it and it brings more to your game. You can always catch live streams on Facebook at Florida Boy Farms and dont forget to stop on by Old School Farming as well and give us a shout. If you have any issues please join the above Facebook group to get support. Idc if anyone wants to edit and rerelease it to their liking but dont fuck it up and make it full of errors. Guys enjoy!

Objects Cotton Sell Point Revamped v2 Objects Cotton Sell Point Revamped v2