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10M silo v1.1.0.0

By: By MyGameSteam


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10M silo v1.1.0.0 The silo is Seasons-ready.
Small Grain Silo / Small All In One Silo
-Price: 110.000$ / 120.000$
-Capacity: 10.000.000 litres per filltype
-Unloading Speed: 50.000 litres per second
-Upkeep: 10$ / day
-fill type category: 'bulk'
'bulk'= every bulk filltype (depends on the map)
The silo have a fill mark for an easier positioning of the trailer under the unloading pipe.
This mark can be switched on or off at the silo outside the vehicle.

Objects 10M silo v1.1.0.0 Objects 10M silo v1.1.0.0