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Kirovets K-744 P3 2.0

By: kulibin


Downloads: 86

Size: 53.34 MB

Category: Tractors

License: All Rights Reserved


Kirovets K-744 P3 2.0 Cleaned up the log now it's clean
Fixed camera in the cabin
Added start animation
Added animation of bonnet covers using SimpleIC
Remade the light
I made a choice of 6 engines with different sounds for my engine
Revived the tidy
Replaced the steering wheel with a normal non-square
Author of corrections and additions: kulibin
Other authors: Clondike ,, SANJKA (KAISER), - = F @ RMeR = -, FS-TV FS19: Kerevey

Tractors Kirovets K-744 P3 2.0 Tractors Kirovets K-744 P3 2.0