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Mining & Construction Economy map v0.8



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Size: 1.59 GB

Category: Maps

License: MIT License


Sorry for the inconvenient but the v0.8 has a bug on limestone heap. Instead limestone has a heap with tailings.

If you dont want start a new save game. Create a new save game with version v0.8.1 and then go to the save folder and copy the file terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm and put on your current save folder. Then start you current save game with v0.8.1.

ChangeLog v0.8.1:

- Fixed the bug on heap with Limestone, instead have a heap with tailings.

ChangeLog 0.8:

- Seasons Ready

- Addon Straw Harvest support

- More filltypes tip on the ground

- New filltype clay (to produce bricks)

- Possibility dig lithiumore

- Possibility create asphalt roads

- Add Crane on marble production mine to load marble sheets plallets

Attention: To play with all news I recommend start a new save game. If you want continue a old save from v0.7 of v0.7.1 you need make 3 changes on the save game files. I can explain how do on my discord channel: https://discord.gg/2ScJWXK

Maps Mining & Construction Economy map v0.8 Maps Mining & Construction Economy map v0.8