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T-150 v1.5

By: kulibin


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Size: 62.08 MB

Category: Tractors

License: All Rights Reserved


T-150 v1.5 Made a selectable color for the hood and cab
- 2 replaceable engines: (SMD-60 and YAMZ-236) along with the engines, the sounds also change with the By Aluha74Rus script
- Ability to remove the shields and radiator grill
- Animation of toggle switches in the cabin, again by a script from Aluha74Rus
- Animation tidy, gas and brake pedals, steering wheel
- Lighting technology: turns, dimensions, feet
- Animating doors using SimpleIC
Working speed 12 km / h, maximum speed 20 km / h, screwed a little in accordance with the realities of the game.
Alteration author: kulibin
Other authors: Over Clocker

Tractors T-150 v1.5 Tractors T-150 v1.5