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2018 Chevy LTZ v1.0.0.0

By: Abe Friesen and Logan Slusser


Downloads: 4224

Size: 143.07 MB

Category: Cars

License: All Rights Reserved


2018 Chevy LTZ v1.0.0.0 A 2018 Chevy LTZ truck done by chad macfee. oh wait. i heard that abe friesen and logan finished it.


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3 Aug 2020 - 19:46

bro the mirrors look normal???? you stupid or somethin

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3 Aug 2020 - 06:45

its really nice but can you please make is so the tail gate can go down and have the mirrors look normal.

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6 Jan 2021 - 18:02

you can tell a john deer fan when you get a comment like that. likely a trump supporter too.