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2020 chevy corvette



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It's v1.0, I have to look at how to make a dashboard work, it does have some small issue but nothing worth mentioning, it's a farmer weekend fun car anyway, it has a couple of wheel option, even some drag slick, 2 choice of engine, "fast" and "h*ly f*ck I went through the map border wtf??!!" .... yeah ok, anyway, the model is quite detailed so I made it with the rear hood animated and you can toggle the roof with the same command as a trailer cover, it's strappable too, multiple color option, etc etc, credits to Iconik upgrade for the color choice, has addconfig script and multiple engine sound script.

Cars 2020 chevy corvette Cars 2020 chevy corvette


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29 Jun 2020 - 23:06

i was planing on making one of those i had the OBJ just got lazy

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28 Jun 2020 - 16:22

gret mod love chevys

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28 Jul 2020 - 06:50

It won't show up in my game. Any tips?

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2 Jun 2021 - 04:34

Good Stuff, maybe not enough traction, one tap of the pedal with drag tune and it goes drifting about where ever it wants to go. ????

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21 May 2021 - 00:08

@Nick your pc is broken like every mod you say that

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10 Jan 2023 - 20:07

Plz convert to fs22

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30 Jun 2023 - 17:52

wish this was in fs22