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This mod contains two mods in a zipped up pack so you need to unzip the pack so you can place both mods into the game's mod folder and have them be usable
This mod combo is best used on a wheel set up with either paddle or a stick shifter

The keyboard and gamepad (controller) are both usable but its experience is not as realistic.

If the manual mode is not desired then you do not have to use it as the car works perfectly normal without it.
The pipeline powerhouse that powers this beast is the LS7 and it packs 3 different configs and each has a purpose

1. Automatic LS7 (mainly for people who do not want to use the manual mode as this is just a regular engine config)

2. Manual LS7 (This engine was specially made for the manual mod as its power to gearing ratio is as close I could get it.

3 Tuned Manual LS7 (literally the same engine config as the Automatic, I just found out that it runs faster than the manual when you put the gears to it rather than only one gear.)

Now lastly for the transmission, I will probably make a video on how to set up the transmission but for quick reference, you need to apply your own keys to the key building. Here are the ones you will need to change as they are under the RMT category on the in-game control bindings panel:

1. RMT Open/Close Menu
2. RMT Clutch Axis (For wheels and pedals)
3. RMT Clutch Button (Keyboard/Gamepad)
4. RMT Gear Up & Down (Paddle shifters or Keyboard/Gamepad)
5. RMT RangeMode1 Up & Down (Changed Drive Mode)
6. RMT Handbrake
The drive modes like I said control what level you in for your speed. I have made 4 different levels for the car for different performance needs:

1. Reverse (It may have 6 gears but that just how it works but you go backward in this mode)

2. Street Mode (2/3rd the speed of the max mode but great with acceleration and short gears)

3. Sport Mode (3/4th the speed of the max mode but is the most balanced of the 3 with great acceleration and medium dears for greater speed)

4. Track Mode (Fastest of the 3 tunes but lacks acceleration due to its longer gears. great for straight-line drag racing and long circuit races)
The cars Differencial is set up to only power the rear wheels so dont bottom out cause the front wheels aren't getting you out.

When it comes to options this vehicle has an optional spoiler and 18 exterior colors

6 Factory
12 Add-On

It also had an option to change the color if the interior stitching so there are 7 colors to chose from on that.

lastly, the car is strapable

I hope you all enjoy the car as it was a fun quick project. The log is just sound errors and one vector error so small file and lots of fun!

Cars 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Cars 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06


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29 Jun 2020 - 01:14

this is the best mod ive ever seen. and by far the most fun. thanks Buch

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26 Jun 2020 - 16:30

This thing is nice.

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That Dutch English Guy

26 Jun 2020 - 14:23

its way too loud compared to the rest off the vehicles in fs


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26 Jun 2020 - 09:37


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(The Massachusetts Farmers)

26 Jun 2020 - 13:44


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George kobbervig

26 Jun 2020 - 15:03


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Quinn w

26 Jun 2020 - 21:42

can you change that you can use ,{Changed Drive Mode } without the RMT mod