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Nappanee 2020 v1.0.0.0

By: johndeere 4255


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License: All Rights Reserved


Nappanee 2020 v1.0.0.0 Welcome to Nappanee 2020 Edition! This map is a blast from the past! Converted and totally redone for fs19! This is a small map for you old iron players, or those who find themselves short on time, or maybe big fields aren't your thing! This map has a total of 63 acres covering 9 total fields. The main farm land is left blank so you can build your own farm. This map is seasons ready!! The pda map will tell you and remind you of everything you need to know about the map!

This map features 1 grain selling place, Nappanee Elevators
Milk and eggs can be sold at Upstate Farms
Nappanee Sale Barn is where you buy and sell animals, as well as wood and wood chips.
The Yarn Barn is located at the Nappanee Sale Barn and you can sell hay and straw, as well as cotton and wool.

During the winter you are responsible for plowing the gravel roads and the church!

Any problems or questions please leave a comment and let us know!!
All credits for models used in this map go to orgianl creators, I take no credit! Map created by johndeere 4255
Huge shoutout to Shawn and johndeere 1952 for helping test!
You are free to edit, upload, share, do whatever to this map, NO PERMISSION NEEDED TO MODIFY, UPLOAD, EDIT, SHARE, OR ANYTHING ELSE!! This is an opensource mod! Have fun, and farm on!

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