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AgraZ Land Trade v1.0.2.1

By: ZoddelZockt


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Size: 29.68 MB

Category: Objects

License: All Rights Reserved


AgraZ Land Trade v1.0.2.1 AgraZ Landtrade

Changelog Version
- added fillTypes to the store

Changelog version
- You can now also buy bulk material and liquids, but the extension for buying has been added.
- Buying point: Building price 50000 € Daily costs: 0 €

changelog version
- Compatible with "Uniform FillTypes" from LS-Modcompany, complete list was April 22nd, 2020.

Changelog Version
- fillTypes added
- Addon Straw collection
- Grain drying (AgraZ)
- empty map
- Potato washer
- Potato sorting
- Jam Factory
- Plum factory
- South inhibitors
- Farm Bergmann
- emptyPallet

Point of sale for the sale of all original game and many mod products.
Liquids must be sold with a trailer / semi-trailer.

Building price: 100000 € Daily costs: 0 €

Currently fully supported mods:
- All ZoddelMods productions (AgraZ)
- North Frisian March
- GlobalCompany - Potato sorting plant
- MaizePlus

Further fruits, products or the support of whole mods/maps gladly on request.

Season ready.

The mod only works in conjunction with Global Company.

The shelter is a prefab of "Moos Agrar".

Objects AgraZ Land Trade v1.0.2.1 Objects AgraZ Land Trade v1.0.2.1