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Farmersburg, Iowa v2.0

MRG Mapping


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Farmersburg, Iowa v2.0 Many of the fixes on Farmersburg were very minor, but I did get the harvestore silos to consistency work. You will need to purchase the property and make sure to have the silo I included in the pack enabled in your mods folder (for some reason the game likes to pull the filltypemover.lua from the mod and not the map even if I tell it to do that). 99% of the errors and warnings have been fixed. There may be a couple, maybe one error and a few warnings, but these are not at all game breakers as they are very minor and will not be noticeable. Also, REMINDER, only one barn on one farm can be used for dairy cattle. The rest are dedicated to beef cattle in the seasons mod, just like it is in real life!


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13 Jan 2021 - 03:51

Great work! Love playing realistic!!

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24 May 2021 - 21:41

great map !!!!!!