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TSLFlexiLift v2.0.0.0

By: create by TSL and converted for FS19 by Schulle334


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Size: 23.37 MB

Category: Forklifts & Excavators

License: All Rights Reserved


TSLFlexiLift v2.0.0.0 A running ant for loading and unloading goods. (Industrial truck)

Version 2.0.0
lights fixed
tension belts installed

Hello today I want to share with you a nice mod from the Ls17er times for the LS19.
First of all thanks to Edel_van_B and Scholli for the release: thanks:

I made the TSLFlexiLift for the ls19 ready and installed the forks as well
a work light and a rotating blinking thing (rotating light) and can be found under miscellaneous.

Costs in the shop for $ 3000, has a weight of 3.3 tons and
runs up to 16 / km / h
Nothing more can be said about it except thank you TSL.

Forklifts & Excavators TSLFlexiLift v2.0.0.0 Forklifts & Excavators TSLFlexiLift v2.0.0.0