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1964 Ford T850 Semi V1 - By OKUSEDMODS



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Category: Trucks

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This truck is completely new to FS19. Typically we do a lot of edits or converting of mods but this one is all us. The 3D model was donated to us by J. Burson. I took it into blender and spent hours with it making it as realistic as possible. We used a few components from other vehicles but you won't find this mod anywhere else!

Credits: OK USED MODS & J&M FARMS/Giants/Chasis Credit FarmSimSteve, Caminokid, westmorgan, small American farming, Googleplex2010/Torquewrench1. Interior is from the Expendables 1972 Ford F100 but has been edited to give a slightly different appearance.

Price: $18,500
Daily Upkeep: 0
Category: Trucks

Configurations: Color Configurations, Engine Options

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Trucks 1964 Ford T850 Semi V1 -  By OKUSEDMODS


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Graincart operator

4 May 2021 - 00:04

I have had an issue with camera being up-side-down, but otherwise I would love to use this truck

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28 Jun 2020 - 18:42

Noticed that the truck's rear wheels will clip thru the fenders when a trailer is attached. Otherwise she's a beaut of a truck.