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Ford Crown Victoria v1.2.0

By: Major Work: RT911Assistance: CrownzillaModel: Driver SFAnonymous Patron


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Size: 15.80 MB

Category: Cars

License: All Rights Reserved


Ford Crown Victoria v1.2.0 Created by (me) RT911 (click_here) this is the most expansive, accessible, and customizeable american police mod to date. 

This mod has been updated to V.1.2.0 to fix the following issues: 
- Missing Spotlight
- Light Range
- Engine Config Naming
- Junk Files Deleted (Lower Filesize) 

If someone is good with engine sounds, I would be glad to change them with your help. I don't know much about sfx. 

I notice there are a lot of complaints about the interior quality. This is a limitation with the model. 
If you wish to re-uv map and texture the entire interior you may do so. 


Official Video: click_here

Controls: Home - Strobes
Num 6 - Spotlight
X - Siren

The Mod Includes:
- Passenger Script Support
- Rim Color Configuration (paintable)
- (2) Design Color Configurations (paintable)
- FS19 Friendly Lighting
- Animated Parts (Hood)
- MovingTools (Spotlight)
- Strobes - Multiple Configurations (Bullbar/Antenna/etc)
- Decal Configurations
- Police and Construction style strobes
- Wigwags
- Siren
- etc

Supports Civilian, Workforce, Taxi, and Police variants.
Clean log, lovingly crafted! 20000~ polys. Won't lag.

Feel free to create your own edits, including painjobs, custom decals, additional configurations, go wild! 

If you really like the mod, maybe even consider showing some love on patreon and recieve cool perks. (https://www.patreon.com/rt911) 

Cars Ford Crown Victoria v1.2.0 Cars Ford Crown Victoria v1.2.0


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8 Jun 2020 - 19:20

@Brendangaming2488 That's an awesome idea!

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6 Jun 2020 - 17:50

I could help with the sounds of the Vic. My dad has one. Let me know. I could also help maybe lowering the car too. It's up to you.