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Rust Never Sleeps Series Pack V1 - By: OKUSEDMODS



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Rust Never Sleeps Series Pack V1 - By: OKUSEDMODS

My personal edit/collection of farming components made to look rusty. The equipment is exactly how it was release by Giants in the mod section of FS19 but has been re-skinned to look old and rusty. Prices have also been reduced and you will find a few minor tweaks to capacity and decals. Everyone needs starter equipment and this is the perfect place to start. You've tried the best now try the best.

All items in this pack have been re-branded as "Rust Never Sleeps Series." This way they are easy to find in the store.

I will be adding more to this as I find interesting new tractors and equipment.

Barrel Weight: grasslandMods
Fiat 6566: paulo5090r
Pallet Fork Pack: DasAlex
Bucket Loader: t0xic0m
Stoll Super 1 Pack: Bremi456

Current Edit by: OK USED MODS/ J&MFARM

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Packs Rust Never Sleeps Series Pack V1 - By: OKUSEDMODS


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10 May 2020 - 23:45

@trooper hib It’s a pack. You must unzip the main folder and copy/paste the internal files into your mod folder

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trooper hib

10 May 2020 - 23:13

is there someething wromg woth file yhat was uploaded because when I download it shows nothing in file

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30 Dec 2021 - 20:12

OKUSEDMODS makes some of the most fun, useful mods available. this pack (plz unzip download, the copy each mod to mods folder) is great to get started and have around as you expand operations.