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Used Toyota Fork Lift V1.0 Rusty - By: OKUSEDMODS



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Size: 14.88 MB

Category: Tractors

License: All Rights Reserved


My personal edit of the FS19 in game forklift. Finally a cheap forklift for all your farming needs. Forklift is exactly how it was release by Giants but it has not been re-skinned to look like a rusted old Toyota Forklift. I used to work on forklifts and they never looked like new! You've tried the best now try the best.

Credits: Giants, F4BiEN77, TFSGroup (Not 100% sure which one of these editors did the Toyota decals)

Current Edit by: OK USED MODS/ J&M FARMS

Price: 2500
Daily Upkeep: 0
Category: misc

Configurations: none - standard equipment only

We Hope You Enjoy It!

Come down to OK USED MODS & J&M farms to see this beautiful piece of equipment we just got in stock. When the salt mines closed due to Covid-19 the owner decided he no longer needed some of his older equipment. Sure owning a forklift can have its ups and downs but that's exactly what you buy them for! This fork lift is ready to elevate your farm to the next level and at this price it won't be around long!

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Tractors Used Toyota Fork Lift V1.0 Rusty - By: OKUSEDMODS