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John Deere 332 Mod Pack V1



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Category: tractors

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John Deere 332 Pack
Special thanks and credit to Waldemar Wolkow and Kyle Gilas for testing. They found many helping me to produce a better end result for you.
Special thanks go to Daggerwin for featuring some early versions of this mod in his videos and for helping to promote my Facebook group.

Brand new custom3D Model built to nearly exact scale. All parts modelled after authentic John Deere parts found on the Internet, many parts are strappable and have color choice options. Custom sound from the actual tractor.
Pack Includes

John Deere 332 with three engine configuarations
12KM per hour
22KM per hour
22KM per hour more power
Large choice of tire options
The first tires in Farming Simulator to leave multiple track lines as far as I know - look at the pictures to see what I mean
Regular subsoiler tiller STRAPPABLE
Create fields tiller, not for hired workers STRAPPABLE
John Deere Mower deck right discharge
John Deere Mower deck rear discharge
John Deere Mower deck rear discharge bagger attacher
John Deere Mower deck no discharge
John Deere Bagger
John Deere 15 utility trailer
John Deere 44 Loader STRAPPABLE
John Deere 44 Loader Bucket
John Deere Front Weight
John Deere Back Weight

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tractors John Deere 332 Mod Pack V1 tractors John Deere 332 Mod Pack V1


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21 Mar 2020 - 17:53

Awesome mod!!!

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22 Mar 2020 - 19:08

Finally a good working Lawn Tractor. Thanks mate.

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Burgstaller David

21 Mar 2020 - 19:40

Thank you for this nice Garden Tractor

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25 Jun 2021 - 23:56

awsome dude

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21 Feb 2022 - 00:22