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And here it is the Fixed version of my final edit of the 2020 Ford F-Series line up. Since last time I have fixed a variety of issues and added some more new features.

Features Include:
(Old Features Still Present Just Pointed Out)
*IC controlled Windows

*IC controlled Mirrors

*IC controlled bed features if applied to stock bed
From left to right on the AUX panel on the headliner in the interior

*Left: Topper Door (if applied)
*Middle: Bed Cover (if applied)
*Right: Ramps if applied (if applied)

*IC controlled wipers!

*Basic 7 rim choice config
(New Features)

*New Velocity Blue (Tremor Blue) added to the color pallet

*New Black Chrome Color added for trim colors

*Selectable front splitter

*(NEW)Suspension Brand controls the rear spring stiffness of the trucks tier ad rim choices
EX: F250 all SRW option rims and a lighter more sporty(ish)
F350 all SRW option rims + 2 DRW options of Stock and Stock
Alcoa rims. The suspension for the 350 is stronger in the
rear then the 250 and with the DRW rims it even a bit
F450 Only Stock Alcoa Rims and a strong rear suspension meant
for hauling heavy loads

*Dirt texture was fixed from the previous version

*Store color names have been fixed to help identify them easier

That's all about what was done from the original because the rest is all the same as the old version. Once again thank you to all for the support the project has had an impact on and the people who were involved in the creation of the mod. I still want to make the biggest thank you out to Roro Customs for the spectacular platform to build this truck from.

cars 2020 Ford F-Series Final V2 cars 2020 Ford F-Series Final V2


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20 Mar 2020 - 22:50


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20 Mar 2020 - 23:56

Hey! Everything on this mod works for me BUT the ramps, I have them equipped but they dont fold out or attach to the back of the truck to be able to drive another car/moto bike onto the bed of the truck. please help!

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19 Mar 2020 - 20:21

Thank you buck I love the truck.

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20 Mar 2020 - 02:01

I know is the final version and this suggestion will probably never be considered but I would absolutely love it if there was a dump bed and a service bed for the bed options. Otherwise, the truck is absolutely amazing!!!

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20 Mar 2020 - 02:02

Also if there was an option for back racks that would make this mod the best out there.

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23 Mar 2020 - 02:37

I downloaded the mod and it worked fine and put it in my mods folder and i go in game and it's not there any suggestions on what to do.