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Versatile 4WD Series v1.0

By: xClaw Modding


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Category: Tractors

License: All Rights Reserved


Versatile 4WD Series v1.0 !Release!
Versatile 4wd Series
This is my edit of one of the Versatile 610's that have been floating around the community. I added Michel and Mitas wheel options and also remove tracks. I also added a Greenstar 3000 and a triangle on the back. I changed it from just the 610 to the whole series of 4wd from versatile, both the small and large frame machines.
Now their are some errors. I have tried to fix them but it broke the mod. My skills are not the best at the xml side of modding and I'll try to get rid of them for the V2
If you repost this mod on another site please put the Authors in the description please.
I hope you enjoy.

Tractors Versatile 4WD Series v1.0 Tractors Versatile 4WD Series v1.0