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Builders Yard v1.2

By: FSVelocity


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Size: 9.76 MB

Category: Other

License: All Rights Reserved


Builders Yard v1.2 This is not a Global Company Mod but it will require a Global Company
board stone soil gravel bricks, factory / production for this mod to work.
This Mod was made for the purpose of using it on Slovak Village.
This could be used on other maps if you have a GC Factory of the sell items.
This was orignally called Board Selling Point on V1.0 & V1.1
Renamed to Builders Yard
Added more products to sell ( Board, Stone, Soil, Gravel, Bricks and Woodchips )
Added more automatic lights
Added more decoration
Added ground leveling
New Store/icon Image
Added automatic lights
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Other Builders Yard v1.2 Other Builders Yard v1.2