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ATC Chassis Pack v4.0.0.0

By: concept, Alfredixmodeling, Alfredixtesting, Alfredix, meerstonkAR frame, GTXMAN TGS18.480, GIANTSscripts, LSMC (GC), ifko (Addconfig.lua)


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Size: 146.22 MB

Category: Trucks

License: All Rights Reserved


ATC Chassis Pack v4.0.0.0 Hello everybody,

V1.0.0.0, new mod
V2.0.0.0, 2019, new chassis added
V3.0.0.0, Major rework of all chassis
V3.1.0.0, added UFSS to all chassis
V3.1.1.0, added UFSS to TST Trailers
V3.1.2.0, 2019, Dualwheel positioning on TGD and TSDH fixed
V4.0.0.0, added semitrailer chassis with dolly addon. Added DH to all chassis

This version of the pack includes the following features:

New hits:
Semi trailer chassis with dolly addon

GIANTS Connection pants inserted in all chassis
All chassis in MergeGroup design
All trailer chassis are now equipped with storage boxes and fire extinguishers. The parts are inserted using DLP. Positions can be changed in the i3D using the corresponding TGs

required mods:
GlobalCompany - Official kevink98 Aug 2nd 2019 File

I provide you with this pack for free. You can use everything from it for your mods, change, etc.
So if you like, you can build your own mods from these parts and then publish them. You don't need my approval.
But ATTENTION: The entire pack must not be changed and uploaded again. There is no approval from me !!
Have fun with it!

Trucks ATC Chassis Pack v4.0.0.0 Trucks ATC Chassis Pack v4.0.0.0