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Welcome To Charwell v1.0.0.0

By: Lancyboi


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Welcome To Charwell v1.0.0.0 Welcome To Charmwell which is a fictional based english map.
- Full seasons support
- All animals are built into as placeables
- All brand new English real life farm models custom made by my self lancyboi
- full seasons support with grazing
- Custom lighting engine xml
- Animated objects
- This map includes all Farming Simulator 19 features.
- Custom soil textures (melfoy) distance,grass,ground textures.
- Two cow farms & 2 sheep animals which include a farm & field
- 2 sell points,BGA,Sawmill,Forest,Dairy.Egg sell point etc.
- over 86 fields small/medium/large which are all to scale and correctly.
- Custom transport missions and field missions.
- supports Fps distance mod.
- Please ask before using any of the models that i made in this map an also any textures as they was purchased by myself no permission given will be removed from any site supporting my work.
I Hope you all like this Charwell.

Maps Welcome To Charwell v1.0.0.0 Maps Welcome To Charwell v1.0.0.0